In today’s fast-paced technological era, data centers play a vital role in housing and managing critical information. These centers rely on efficient server rack commissioning teams to ensure smooth operations. Recognizing the challenges faced by these teams, Rack Move Ltd. has introduced two ground-breaking products designed to simplify the task of moving heavy server racks within data centers worldwide. Let’s explore these game-changing innovations.

Product 1: Flexi Rack Handler

The Flexi Rack Handler is an adjustable set of handles that revolutionizes server rack movement. Its primary function is to allow two operatives to easily move racks over long distances while ensuring maneuverability in tight spaces. The adjustable handles and adjustable extenders eliminate the need for customized fixtures for individual rack sizes, and they also navigate the buzz bar and wire attachments at each end of the server rack saving time and effort. By positioning the handles at a 45-degree angle, natural arm projection is ensured, reducing the risk of injury. The handles are equipped with runner grips, enhancing the operatives’ grip and preventing damage to the racks and their hands.

Product 2: Jack n Roll Flexible

The Jack n Roll Flexible is a game-changer when it comes to lifting moving server racks and replacing server rack wheels. This product consists of two clamping dollies, positioned on either side of the rack, which can be ratcheted together using four specially designed straps. This mechanism allows the rack to be lifted using two hydraulic two-ton jacks positioned on the dollies. In addition to changing wheels, the Jack n Roll Flexible can be moved with a large server rack attached easily by two operatives and manipulated in tight spaces. It also features a towing bracket, enabling the use of tug machines for easier transportation over long distances if required.

Key Features:

  1. Fifth Wheel Assembly: Prevents the dolly from falling backward and assists in positioning it under the side of the server rack.
  2. One-directional Locking Devices: Ensures the Jack n Roll Flexible remains stable during transportation over long distances, preventing unnecessary swaying.
  3. Polyethylene Blocks: Positioned at each rack corner to provide added safety, minimizing the risk of injuries in case of hydraulic jack failure.
  4. Stabilizing Bars: Facilitates easy connection of the two dollies, enabling effortless movement to storage areas after completing the task.
  5. Spacer Bars: Offers flexibility by accommodating server racks of varying heights, thanks to the different height options available.


Rack Move Ltd.’s Flexi Rack Handler and Jack n Roll Flexible have revolutionized server rack commissioning, making the jobs of operatives involved in data centers much easier and safer. These innovative products provide efficient solutions to previously encountered challenges, reducing the risk of injuries, preventing damage to racks, and enhancing overall productivity. With these cutting-edge tools at their disposal, server rack commissioning teams can confidently handle heavy racks, ensuring seamless operations within data centers worldwide.